Let's Sail Away! Departing from the Ashley River, we offer a variety of sailing experiences:  From bachelorette outings, romantic sunset cruises, to sail lessons, to history storytelling, to a quiet cruise with sounds of wind and waves.

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The Combo (Mix & Match)

A little bit of history, a little bit of sailing education. This trip flows with the tides, and the natural rhythms of good conversation and getting to know each other. We tell stories, maybe a few jokes, ask you to join in sail prep, or take a break and watch the horizon with a cold drink.

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Sailing 101

With the crew’s guidance, learn how to handle the boat – from knot-tying techniques, to dockline maneuvering, managing your sails, navigation, and steering. This is a perfect experience for those looking to freshen up their sailing skills, or for folks new to the water. Ideal for couples, adventurous friends, and families looking to improve team building and communication by experiencing practical sailing skills. Everyone has a role aboard a sailboat!

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History of Charleston

Tired of horse carriage rides and hot pavement? Join us for a unique, watery view of Charleston’s history. We have researched and designed a sailor’s history of Charleston that takes us from the days of the indigenous Kiawah to the Caribbean roots of the Charles Towne settlement to the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the era of globalization touching down on the peninsula. Whether you are a history buff, or just looking for a good story, sailing through history is sure to change your perspective on the past. All of Charleston’s history and present touches the water in some way

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Romantic Sailing

Dining out, going on a date, spending a relaxing evening with your partner, just isn’t the same on land. During this 3-hour sail on the harbor, we handle everything aboard the vessel. Just bring your favorite snack or meal, and something to drink, and head up to the bow for a picture-perfect time.

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