Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we Park?

While the Harborage does not allow guests to park on premise, there are multiple options:

+Drop your stuff off with us and park at the City Marina next door.
+Uber or Lyft to the Harborage.
+Park at the garage next door at the Courtyard by Marriott Charleston Waterfront.
+For $25, we’ll pick up/drop off anywhere on the peninsula.

Where do we Meet?

We will be waiting for you at the marina entrance. Just walk toward the river, along the dock, and look for us at the picnic bench.

Is there a Bathroom Aboard?

Yes, we have a fully functioning head on board the Pelican.

What should we Bring?

Please feel free to bring drinks and snacks aboard (please note water is provided).  Adults over 21 can also bring alcoholic drinks, but please remember to drink responsibly. We will be in a unique environment and being able to respond quickly is important on the water.

What should we Wear?

Bring sunscreen and sunglasses. Depending on the time of year, especially Fall and Spring sailing, you might want a light jacket as well. Footwear is the user’s choice. Boat-shoes or closed-toe shoes are good, but bare-foot we believe is best. Your toes are designed to grip, you stay in touch with the movement of the waves, and the boat stays cleaner.

What can we Expect?

You never know exactly what’s going to happen or what you’ll see on the water, and that’s one of the reasons we love it out there. Maybe we’ll see dolphins; maybe the tide will be running in our favor, maybe it’ll be against us; maybe a strong wind will blow from the Southwest, or maybe it’ll be right on our nose and we will have to keep the motor on. Traveling by sailboat requires patience, and an appreciation for the little tasks and wonders of nature often lost in our increasingly fast-paced age. Come with an open mind, and open expectations, and we’ll be sure the day is both enjoyable and memorable. Also expect a brief safety overview before we leave the dock.

What About the Weather?

Please assume the charter is on, unless we notify you otherwise. Rain is part of daily life on the Charleston waterways, so if they say 90% chance of rain that doesn’t mean we necessarily need to stay home. The sea-breeze often keeps the harbor clear of onshore weather, and a brief rainstorm in a day still gives us plenty of sun and time to catch the breeze. Reschedules will occur, though, when the weather is too much. The captain will make the call if a reschedule or cancellation is necessary.

Where is the Boat?

The boat is docked at the Harborage at Ashley Marina, located at 33 Lockwood Drive, Charleston SC.